Antique Pottery and Modern Tableware: An Anthropological Look into the Art of Eating Together

More often than not we imagine that earlier generations gathered around long tables, ate and drank in gargantuan amounts and socialized deep-heartedly. We, on the contrary, feel guilty for "bowling alone" at our tiny side tables, for eating any microscopic calorie, and for losing time in activities that don't improve ourselves.


Maximizing banality (a good book review)

Robert Seethaler's "Das Feld" points to some ways of finding meaning in life, breaking routines, enjoying the moment. And all these in (or despite) a banal city. This is the side effect of good literature. It lends itself to infinite interpretations. Read it this way. It has miraculous effects.

Modern Housing in Ancient Egypt

The architecture of Ancient Egypt is grand: pyramids, temples and colossal statues. It is an architecture obsessed with afterlife, for most things left are meant for the dead. No ordinary house survived except for miniatures discovered -- where else? -- evidently, in tombs.

Great Ziggurat of Ur: from Sumer to Irak

Meanwhile Agatha Christie arrived at Ur. After a turbulent divorce from her first husband, Dame Agatha Christie embarked on the Orient Express for an exotic trip. She eventually reached Ur, where she met a 14-years-younger-than-her archeologist, Max Mallowan. They rapidly married in 1930.

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