Decorated caves

Seen as architecture, the decorated caves uncover the love affair between architecture and ornament, which lasted some 35.000 years and ended up abruptly around 1920s, in a disruptive time of hate and world wars.


Brown is Back in Town

Ironically, brown -- the poor’s color assumed by Saint Francis of Assisi as a sign of poverty and humbleness – turned into the trendy color implicit to welfare. Yet, reversing cultural meanings is healthy for a society. It’s a sign of vivacity, of social mobility, of freedom.

On Order, Beauty and Excess

Find what you need and some inner calm! shines friendly an IKEA ad in the morning sun, as if an unexpected pal clued in about my rushed raking through drawers in search for a comb and an unpaired earring. Organize your life with our app! incites me a billboard while I struggle to cram within 2... Continue Reading →

The Worn-out, the Modern, and the Dangerous

Some buildings look better worn-out. Ageing yields value to violins, books, and historical buildings, among others. What about the plastic toys, the houseware and the ordinary blocks of flats? Why aging turns sometimes into an asset, while other times into a drawback? Our taken-for-granted values slumber at the bottom of things. Unaware of our word... Continue Reading →

On Street Façades

The two neighboring buildings that sparked my query are just average. Yet, most of us live within average architecture. Why not taking a closer look inside this averageness?

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